Crawl Space Sealing

Crawl space sealing with basement crawl space insulation / spray foam, vapor barrier crawl space material, and the best crawl space dehumidifier makes your home safer, healthier, and more energy efficient.

Mold In Crawl Space?

Water In Crawl Space?

Sealed Crawl Space

The solution is quite simple..ENCAPSULATE. With a sealed crawl space you are bringing the crawlspace into indirectly conditioned space. Encapsulations are part of our service and they will completely change the home for the better. Your home will be safer, healthier, and more energy-efficient.

By adding one of our crawl space dehumidifiers we can keep your crawl space at 55% relative humidity year around. This system will control the humidity, eliminate condensation, control mold, prevent wood fungus, and it will not be a conducive area for pests to thrive.

Crawl Space Sealing Service

• Removal of ineffective and problematic fiberglass insulation
• Install a sealed 12 mil crawl space-specific liner over the ground
• We will insulate your band/rim joist and your concrete walls. (agricultural code requires us to leave the 1.5” face of the sill plate and 6 inches at the top of the wall exposed for pest inspections.)
• Install a crawl space-specific dehumidifier
• Weather strips the crawl space door/hatch
• Install sump pump (if and when applicable)

Spray Foam

All of our team members have been trained through the Icynene dealership program. Icynene is a green guard gold-certified product.

A Trained and Experienced Team

We have 14 years of experience in spray foam and 19 years of experience with insulating houses.


The spray foam has a life-time guarantee. We have a 1 year guarantee on all workmanship at no additional cost.

Common Questions About Crawl Spaces

Does a crawl space add value?

Depends on the buyer

How much does crawl space insulation save?

Although there is potential for savings if HVAC equip and water heater are in the crawlspace the value comes from comfort, health of the home and it’s occupants, protecting water pipes, and control of mold and other moisture related issues in a vented crawlspace.

Does encapsulating a crawl space save energy?

Again, if HVAC equip and/or water heater is located in crawlspace it saves the most.

Is it good to have a crawl space?

No such thing as a good vented crawlspace. Encapsulation is always the better option.

Are homes with crawl spaces bad?

If a home could have cancer it would be a vented crawlspace.

Why is crawl space bad?

Moisture and humidity caused by ground vapor and venting.

How do I fix a crawl space problem?

With an encapsulation and proper dehumidification you can control the environment.

Should I worry about my crawl space?

If it is vented then yes. High humidity and moisture is common place for a vented crawlspace. This allows mold, dust mites, wood fungus, and pests to thrive. You breathe 50% of the air from a crawlspace in your home.

What are crawl spaces used for?

Typically they are used for mechanicals and storage.

What are the disadvantages of a crawl space?

See problems associated with a crawlspace in descriptions above.

Is a crawl space worth it?

You are going to pay for a crawlspace encapsulation if you do it or not. So yes!


Estimated Crawl Space Savings Per Year


Estimated Crawl Space Savings Per Year

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The Truth About Crawl Spaces!

Many homes across Georgia and the country for that matter have crawl spaces. The majority of them are vented or will be vented when built. Sadly, local residential building codes still allow for them to be vented.

Let’s be clear. There is no such thing as a “good” vented crawl space. If a home could have cancer it would derive from a vented crawl space.

The theory for a vented crawl space is to exhaust humidity from the crawl space through venting. This actually makes the situation worse especially in the summertime. When the hot humid air from outside enters the cooler humid crawl space the hot air cools. As it cools the humidity levels rise approximately 2.2% per degree that it cools.

In addition, occupants in the home breathe approximately 50% of the crawl space air through stack effect which may affect occupants with allergies or are sensitive to mold spores etc. Lastly, a vented crawl space is a large part of energy loss in a home.

Mechanicals such as HVAC equipment and hot water heaters are commonly located in the crawl space. Duct leakage, running more, and rust/deterioration are common symptoms in this area.

Ready To Save On Your Energy Bill?

At Elite we know that you want to close in your crawl space to prevent wood fungus, rot and pests underneath your home.

In order to do that, you need to reduce the condensation and high humidity underneath your home by encapsulating it.

The problem is high humidity and condensation causes damage to home which makes your home unhealthy and unsafe to live in.

We believe that everyone should have a safe and secure home from wood rot, fungus and pests.

We understand that high humidity and condensation can cause issues which is why we provide a complete encapsulation of your crawl space.

We clean out old insulation, cover the ground, install a dehumidifier and seal up your crawl space.

So, request your free estimate.

There is no need to worry about what’s under your home any more. Fee safe and secure knowing that it is done right.

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What You Get

Peace of Mind, you can stop worrying about untrained installers that may cause bad smells in your house and instead feel great satisfaction knowing that your house is safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient.

Clean. Reliable. Comfortable.

Crawl space sealing when you want comfort!

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